david-oates16It was at the time when the frenzy connecting Satan with rock and roll was at its peak that David Oates who at the time, was running a privately funded rehabilitation unit for teenagers, was confronted with frightened individuals who had claimed to have heard these satanic messages. Being an avid amateur radio enthusiast he immediately determined to expose the truth and discovered, quite by accident, intelligent phrases when he played different musical tracks backwards. He began researching the phenomenon further and discovered intelligent messages not just in music but human speech as well and has since devoted his time working tirelessly to meticulously analyzing and documenting countless hours of tape, finding irrefutable evidence at the same time of a fantastic new discovery. Described as another form of human communication, he has named it Reverse Speech, which is appropriate, considering that he has identified that humans communicate on a bi-level basis – one being in forward language (normal speech as we know it) and the second lesser known but far-reaching and potent language of communication referred to as reverse speech. David is an exceptional individual who, over the years, has dedicated his life to the advancement of this revolutionary phenomenon which can truly be described to be of nobel-winning calibre and he has touched the lives of individuals substantially throughout the globe in such a far-reaching, positive and meaningful way that they have completely transformed their own lives too.

It is imperative not to confuse Reverse Speech with backmasking. The latter is used intentionally and artistically in music and other modalities to elicit certain reactions, whilst the former, Reverse Speech, occurs naturally in speech to communicate information which originates from the subconscious part of our selves and which we may not be aware of consciously.

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